The Konica Model AR-T "T-3" Camera


TYPE: 35 mm TTL/AEC SLR (Through-The-Lens Metering.
Automatic Exposure Control Single-Lens Reflex)
FILM: Standard 35 mm 20 or 36 - exposure cartridges
FORMAT: 24 x 36 mm
STANDARD LENSES: Hexanon AR 50 mm f/1.7 (6 elements, 5 groups)
Hexanon AR 50 mm f/1.4 (7 elements, 6 groups)
Hexanon AR 57 mm f/1.2 (7 elements, 6 groups)
Minimum Focusing Distance: 18" with f/1.7, f/1.4 and f/1.2
All Standard Lenses Incorporate AE-Lock, Color-Dynamic Lens Coating
LENS MOUNT: Konica Bayonet type with positive lock, 47 mm diameter
APERTURE CONTROL SYSTEM: Fully Automatic exposure
control (AEC) system (f/1.2 to f.16) with all Hexanon AR lenses.
Integral Depth-of-Field Preview Control
SHUTTER: Metallic-Foil vertical-scanning Copal Square-S
with extended flash synchronization capability
SHUTTER SPEEDS: B, 1 to 1/1000th second in
standard geometrical progression; Time exposures possible without
separate accessories. Non-Rotating (during exposure) shutter speed dial
FLASH SYNCHRONIZATION: Optional "hot" accessory shoe provides
"X" synchronization with cordless flash units, permits use of electronic flash at 1/125th
second (or flashcubes to 1/30th second). Separate, built-in PC outlets
for cord-type flash units permit "X" synchronization to 1/125th second,
all "M"-type bulbs (including flashcubes) at all speeds.
Safety interlock prevents electrical shock at PC
outlets even if 'hot shoe' flash is engaged
SELF-TIMER: Variable-delay to 10 seconds. Locking
mechanism prevents accidental use. Timer locks up mirror, stop down
lens diaphram at beginning of cycle to eliminate potential
vibration at time of exposure
VIEWING SYSTEM: Single-Lens Reflex type shows exact image recorded on film.
Coated eye-level pentaprism shows upright, unreversed image.
Image magnification 0.78x with 50 mm lens. Image seen
corresponds to 92% of actual field, to insure that entire image within
finder is recorded even with mounted 2x2" transparencies
FOCUSING SCREENS: Standard Konica Microdiaprism screen,
optional Konica Split-Image Rangefinder type
IN-FINDER READOUTS: "Control-Center" viewfinder shows mode of
operation (auto or manual), exact shutter speed in use, exact lens aperture in use,
maximum aperture of lens in use, under/over-exposure zones,
match-needle alignment mark, exposure indicator needle, battery-test indicator,
meter sensitivity-range indicators
REFLEX MIRROR: Coated first-surface type. Oversize design prevents
image cutoff within finder even with bellows extensions at 1:1 magnification.
Mirror automatically retracts as it lifts, thus permits use of extreme
wide-angle lenses with unrestricted reflex viewing.
Instant-return prevents image blackout after exposure
EXPOSURE CONTROL SYSTEM: Fully Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) system
incorporating variable-angle thru-the-lens metering by twin CdS cells housed
within pentaprism. System permits:
* Full-Aperture Metering and Automatic Exposure Control
with all Hexanon AR lenses,
* Stopped-down Aperture (Match-Needle) Metering with all
manual, pre-set, or non-AE lenses.
Shutter-speed preference system insures professional control
METER POWER SOURCE: Two 1.35V mercury energy cells
(Mallory Type PX-675 Photographic); built-in battery test circuit.
Integrated Meter On-Off/Shutter Lock switch conserves battery energy when
camera not in use
METER SENSITIVITY RANGE: 98,304:1 (EV 1.5 - EV 18 with f/1.2 lens and
ASA 100 film). Meter coupling range automatically indicated by red markers within viewfinder, appearing if coupling range is exceeded in extremely dim or bright light
FILM SPEED CAPABILITY: ASA 12 to 3200 (DIN 12 to 36)
EXPOSURE 'MEMORY' (hold) DEVICE: Slight pressure on shutter release
(or activation of self timer) memorizes exposure reading
LOADING: Konica Insta-Grip Loading (IGL) system incorporating
multislot, self-locking take-up spool
FILM TRANSPORT: Single-stroke lever automatically advances film,
cocks shutter, activates exposure counter, prevents unwanted double
exposures in fast 162º travel. Transport lever returns to "ready" position 30º
away from camera body to enable continuous eye-level shooting.
Oversized plastic tip provides extra comfort, prevents thumb from
slipping away from lever
MULTIPLE EXPOSURE CAPABILITY: Spring-loaded multiple exposure switch
permits use of transport lever to re-cock shutter without advancing film or
exposure counter, for creative special-effects work.
System also permits infinite number of intermediate-speed "Time"
exposures (1-1/4 seconds, 1-1/2 seconds, 2 seconds, 2-1/4 seconds, etc.) by
exposing frame two or more times at one-second (or one-second plus any other speed)
SHUTTER-READY INDICATOR: Signals Green when shutter has been cocked,
red when uncocked
EXPOSURE COUNTER: Indicated number of frames exposed,
automatically resets to "Zero" when film is changed
UNLOADING: Oversize rapid-rewind crank permits rewinding in seconds;
self-locking rewind release button, automatically returns to correct position for
film transport when transport lever is activated. Cutaway film cartridge
chamber allows cartridge removal without raising rewind crank
DIMENSIONS: With standard lens:
6" (wide) x 3-3/4" (high) x 3-3/4" (deep).
Without lens: 6" (wide) x 3-3/4" (high) x 1-3/4" (deep)
WEIGHT: Body only 26 ozs.
With f/1.7 lens, 35 ozs.
With f/1.4 lens, 36 ozs.
With f/1.2 lens, 42 ozs.