The Konica Model "F" Camera


PICTURE SIZE: 24 X 36 millimeters
FILM: Standard 35 millimeter miniature camera film in safety cartridge
STANDARD LENS: HEXANON f/1.4, f=52mm improved amber coated anastigmat
with 7 elements in 5 groups. Focuses down to 0.6 meter.
LENS MOUNT: KONICA F bayonet mount (40mm diameter, flange diameter 40.5mm.
APERTURE MECHANISM: Full automatic stop-down to pre-set value. Manual
control for visual check of depth of field.
VIEW FINDER: Full picture-size and true image through pentaprism Eye-or waist-level sighting by interchangeable viewers.
MIRROR: Automatic quick-return type with forward edge straight-line motion.
Split-image focusing spot, with mat focusing of surrounding field.
SHUTTER: Metal vane focal plane shutter. Control mechanism graduated in multiple
series, and set by non-revolving dial scaled in equidistant steps.
Co-axial aperture scale. Shutter button at center of cocking lever hub.
Shutter speeds: B - 1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 15 - 30 - 60 - 125 - 250 - 500 - 1000 - 2000.
COUPLED EXPOSURE METER: Built-in exposure meter fully cross coupled
to film speed, shutter speed and aperture for automatic selection
of exposure settings by zero-in of meter needle.
SELF-TIMER: Built into camera body. Maximum delay 10 seconds.
FLASH SYNCHRONIZATION: "M" and "X" terminals provided for full flash synchronization at all shutter speeds for class M flashbulbs
(automatic adjustment of lag time) and up to 1/125 second
for electronic flash. Sockets, JIS type B.
COCKING MECHANISM: Single-stroke cocking lever for simultaneous cocking
of shutter mechanism and advancing of film (partial film advance possible).
Double exposures positively prevented.
PRESSURE PLATE: Pressure plate automatically retracts during film
advance and rewind, to reduce friction and film scratches.

Automatic self-resetting exposure counter. Crank rewind. Self-resetting sprocket release.
LENS HOOD: Special KONICA F lens hood, slip-on type, 51mm diameter.
FILTERS: Filters of all types in special screw-in mounts for the KONICA F. 49mm diameter, 0.75mm pitch.
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: 150.5 X 105.5 X 91 millimeters, 1,100 grams.